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Kostenloser, C02-neutraler Versand in 100% plastikfreier Graspapierverpackung.
Kostenloser, C02-neutraler Versand in 100% plastikfreier Graspapierverpackung.

EV DOC NewAira Activated Carbon Cabin Filter Set for Citroën ë-C4, DS 3 E-Tense, Opel Corsa-e, Mokka-e, PEUGEOT e-208, e-2008

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Nachhaltiger Fahrspaß: Geprüfte Qualitätsstandards nach ISO/TS 16949 und zertifiziertes Umweltmanagement nach ISO 14001. 🌍

Auch die äußeren Werte zählen: 100% plastikfreie BIO-Verpackung aus kompostierbarem Graspapier. Verpackt in liebevoller Handarbeit. 🐝

Repariere dein E-Auto – und den Regenwald. Gemeinsam pflanzen wir für jedes Produkt einen Mangrovenbaum auf Madagascar. 🌱

Take a deep breath: EV DOC NewAira activated carbon filters ensure healthy and fresh interior air. The premium activated carbon layer effectively eliminates pollen, fine dust, nitrogen oxides and unpleasant odors: effectively protecting you and your passengers from harmful exhaust fumes. For a pleasant driving experience with clean air.

Technical Information

  • Filter type: Activated carbon filter/pollen filter
  • Length: 255 mm
  • Width: 83 mm
  • Height: 30 mm
  • Quantity unit: Set
  • Part number: EDOC-1011
  • Condition: New
  • Compostable packaging: Grass paper, 100% plastic-free

OE Numbers

  • 9833351080

Compatible Models

Manufacturer Model Drivetrain Remarks
Citroën ë-C4 100 kW
3 E-Tense 100 kW, 115 kW
100 kW
Mokka-e 100 kW
100 kW, 115 kW
e-2008 100 kW

Maintenance Note

We recommend a regular filter change after either 15.000 km or one year – whichever comes first. With our non-binding subscription, we will remind you by email when it's time to replace the filter. Simply select the maintenance interval that matches your driving profile.

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